Cardio-oncology is an emerging field in cardiovascular medicine, developed in response to the growing need for clinicians with expertise in both cancer and cardiology. Cardiovascular disease and cancer are the leading causes of death in the U.S. and are closely linked. Some cancer treatments, including radiation therapy and chemotherapy, can worsen or even cause heart problems. This is especially true if you are at risk for heart disease. However, the Cardio-Oncology program at Amelia Heart & Vascular Center strives to help people who receive cancer treatment live the healthiest lives possible.

In this program, cardiologists work together with a multidisciplinary team of doctors trained in cancer conditions (oncologists), blood disorders (hematologists), and others to provide comprehensive, coordinated care for people with cancer who may need heart care. It maximizes state-of-the-art therapies, technology, equipment, and medical research to provide cutting-edge evaluation and treatment. The entire medical team guides patients through care with dignity, compassion, and educational information at every step – making doctors’ visits, hospitalizations, and follow-up appointments are more manageable and less stressful.

Personalized Care for Cardio-Oncology

Amelia Heart & Vascular Center uses state-of-the-art technology to identify and immediately treat the toxicity. Our care does not change or interrupt your cancer therapy. Our specialized cardiologists work side by side with oncologists to discuss patients’ heart function and develop a specialized treatment plan to prevent and minimize heart risks without interfering with cancer treatment.

Our goal is to help the following people achieve better treatment:

  • Cancer patients who prior to or during treatment may have a negative impact on the heart.
  • Cancer patients at risk for heart disease or have heart disease.
  • Cancer survivors whose hearts may have been damaged by cancer therapy.
  • Patients diagnosed with a heart condition during or after cancer treatment.
  • Patients who had a heart condition before being diagnosed with cancer.
  • Patients with heart tumors, myxoma is the most common cardiac tumor, with 75 percent occurring in the left atrium.

Only a handful of hospitals worldwide have dedicated programs with scientists and physicians working to address the impact of cancer treatment on the heart. Fortunately, Amelia Heart & Vascular Center is one of them, and you can avail yourself of our services.

Cardio-Oncology Conditions Treated

Amelia Heart & Vascular Center provides a wide variety of treatments, ranging from medication for controlling arrhythmia to surgical implantation of pacemakers and heart pumps, repair of heart valves, and removing heart tumors. We create a care plan that suits your individual needs.

Additionally, our team offers appropriate care and treatment for cardiac conditions such as:

  • Abnormal heartbeat (arrhythmia)
  • Narrowing of the arteries that supply blood to the heart (coronary artery disease) or the legs (peripheral artery disease)
  • Damage to the valves of the heart
  • Deterioration of the heart muscle and its pumping ability (heart failure)
  • Increase or decrease in the blood pressure beyond the normal range (hypertension/hypotension)
  • Inflammation of the sac surrounding the heart (pericarditis)

Let us be your partner in heart health

Here at Amelia Heart & Vascular Center, we assess your condition and work with you to determine the next steps. Our team of physicians is committed to preventing cardiovascular problems and treating advanced conditions thoroughly and compassionately. We also provide a wide range of guest services and amenities to our patients and visitors. Contact us at 703-866-3131 to make an appointment with our Cardio-Oncology team.