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Audrey Z.

Dr. Arehzo Jahangiri is the cardiologist for my father, and she is perfectly professional, intelligent and thorough along with having a very gracious and caring bedside manner. She is so nice that she even works on her jokes with my dad. In any case, he's doing so well under her care and we wouldn't go anywhere else.

Manuel Vicens

I called to scheduled my appointment yesterday and today by 10:00 am, I was having my consultation with Dr. Jahangiri. Not only that, but the staff is highly trained, and customer service was the best!! Easy check in, snacks and hydration in the waiting area, new office, good vibes, great service all around. I was impressed!!! If you are looking for a specialist in Cardiology, ask your PCP to write you a referral to see Dr. Jahangiri. 10 out of 10.

Bob Flynn

Dr. Arehzo Jahangiri is an outstanding cardiologist! She is super bright, very attentive, and has a very nice bedside manner. She seems to really care about her patients, and knows everything about my background. I don't feel like a number with her. She's also absolutely great about following up, to check on me. Absolute 5 STAR doctor

Reene Curry

Dr Moalemi is the best dr my husband and I have ever seen. She feels like family...she takes the time you need to feel comfortable with your medical situation. She is just remarkable...a female Marcus Welby ( I'm showing my age. Young folks may not know him but he was a TV doctor that was above and beyond the call of caring for his patients. Don't hesitate to see her. I understand that her partner dr is great too...my husband and I have only seen De Moalemi but sure they are both superior. Love her..

Carl Piechoski

Dr. Azita Moelemi has been my doctor for the past two years and I have been gifted to fine such a professional, and knowledgeable physician. She takes the time to listen to your questions and answers them in a layman's terminology. I would rate her as one of the best cardiologist in the Northern Virginia area. Also, the staff are extremely professional with a kind of home feeling type of atmosphere.

Sharon Breen

I love this practice all the staff is wonderful and a blessing Dr Moalemi is a wonderful doctor Kind and takes the time with u. Thank God for her.

Jim Askew

Dr. Moalemi is the best! I have been her patient for the past four years. She diagnosed and treated my AFIB and High Blood Pressure issues to complete resolution. She arranged for a Heart Ablation Procedure for me and after under going that I have had no further AFIB issues. I trust Dr. Moalemi completely with my cardiac health and I highly recommend her!

Karen D.

Absolutely love Dr. Moalemi! She really cares and is 1 of a kind, the BEST!!

H. Falsafi

She is competent, caring and professional. She puts and ease on your mind. Thank you Dr. Moalemi and the staff.

Loan Nguyen

Before seeing Dr. Moalemi, I saw another Cardiology Doctor whom I would like not to name here. This Doctor spoke the same language with me but I couldn't understand what was wrong with my heart that he even advised me to see him annually to check up my heart conditions. I quit seeing that Doctor again. I'm very please with Dr. Moalemi. She is EXCELLENT. Thanks for helping to understand my heart problem. Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

Christina D.

I love love love Dr. Moalemi! Honestly, I have been seeing cardiologist all through my life (since birth to be exact) and she is hands down my favorite. She is so sweet and caring and not to mention thorough with her care and patients. Every visit I have with her I leave feeling confident in the next course of action and in her decisions with my treatment/care. She, I feel, is a brilliant and well informed physician and I plan on seeing her as long as she is practicing.

Amir Massumi

Great office environment, friendly and highly professional. Dr. Moalemi explains conditions and her approach very clearly and convincingly. She develops trust in her patients from the first meeting.

Recovery from Open Heart Surgery

I have found Dr. Moalemi to be a 'true' professional. She not only listed to my concerns, she also asked a series of very important questions as to my present and future health and rehabilitation. When she is with you, you are the only one that counts. She is not distracted by interruptions or cell phone ringing. I'm Blessed to have Dr. Moalemi as my Cardiac care provider. I'll gladly recommend her to any and all folks.


Dr. Moalemi literally saved my life....after giving me an EKG, and she determined it was abnormal, Dr. Moalemi called the ambulance and sent me right to the hospital for a heart catheterization. The EKG was abnormal because I had a 90% blockage in one of my main arteries to my heart. I then had two stents put in so my blood can flow to the heart like it should. I, along with my family, never thought something like this could happen to me (I workout and try to eat healthy). I thank God and Dr. Moalemi for my being alive today....I am only 65, and now I can plan to live at least another twenty years thanks to Dr. Moalemi's "good eye", along with her intelligence of course!! She is the best!!

R. D.

Dr. Tebyanian showed a real interest and dedication to helping me and working with me. She was friendly and explained things step-by-step, making sure I understood what was happening and made informed decisions. She showed compassion and care while maintaining a high level of professionalism and knowledge of the topic. She followed-up with me and was consistent and thorough. Definitely would recommend going to her.

Top Adult Cardiologist in Northern Virginia!

I'm retired military with several generations of heart disease before me, and followed/helped with my elderly parents with doctors in Northern Virginia over the years, so I know an outstanding doctor when I see one! I'm also a dedicated runner and athlete with over 30 years of distance training. Unfortunately, genetics caught up with me, started having angina on several long runs - my GP doc referred me to Amelia Heart and Vascular Center. Dr. Tebyanian performed a complete evaluation of my condition and took immediate action scheduling me with interventional radiology cardiologist. Two emergent outpatient procedures later and I have never felt better. Dr. Tebyanian was so understanding, kind, and reassuring throughout my ordeal, especially her approach with my desire to get back to running for the several veterans' and womens' causes I've been involved with for decades. She is completely confident, most knowledgeable and consummate professional I've experienced in complete adult cardiology care. So, what can you say to a doctor like Dr. Tebyanian who saved my life? : "Thank you for giving me 57 more years to live and serve in this Life !!"

Hammani Benzawi

Whenever I come to see Dr Moalemi
i feel better already just by visiting her . she cares , takes the time to explain .she is wonderful.

Ruben Gechter

Thanks so much for the clarification and good news. Also a great deal of appreciation and gratitude to you and Dr. Aslam in Chicago for saving my life last year and improving as well as monitoring my medical situation. I will continue doing my monthly transmissions and come in for a cardiac check in six months. That is twice that you have pulled me through tough medical issues.

Grateful patient

I've been her patient since 2008 and she has kept me healthy since then. I love her wonderful spirit. She truly cares about her patients and she's professional in her diagnosis.


4 years with her - fantastic - I wish all docs were this good...

E.T. Dawson

Absolutely the best doctor cardiologist you can find. You will not be disappointed. Very thorough and answers all questions truly the best care you can receive.

Ram Pleti

Referred me to virginia hospital for catherization after nuclear stress test which is life saver


this is a great practice with knowledgeable doctor and great staff members. they make my visits comfortable and not stressed at all. i would not go to anyone else.


My experience with doctors, especially specialists, to this point in my life has been they have been strong on expertise, but generally short on interpersonal communication. Not only is Dr. Tebyanian (very) strong on expertise (I believe she saved my life!), but when she was with me, she stayed completely focused upon me and my health, setting aside the many other medical situations she faces every day. She established a professional, but relaxed environment, so that it was very easy to address the problems I was facing. She is a pro, and I recommend her to you with zero reservations.

Joan B.

I can honestly say from the staff to the Doctor I was totally at ease. The Dr was a delight and oh so patient and she listened to me. She also explained things so I could understand and is very thorough. Also gets the ball rolling and that I loved. The reception area was amazing comfortable and open

Theresa W

Dr Moalemi is an expert cardiologist and takes her time with every patient. She helps her patients understand their issue and appropriate treatment. I know I am in the best of care with her. Highly recommend her. And she has an equally expert staff.


I would never chose a doctor just because of a friendly office. I believe Doctor Moalemi's ability to communicate, listen and diagnose is exceptional and that she finally correctly diagnosed me after 9 years and two other cardiologists missed it. That said, it turns out that her staff is indeed very friendly and they got me into my first appointment surprisingly quickly.

Sandra Troutman

Remarkable is an understatement when describing Dr. Moalemi. She is patient, caring and takes time to answer all of your questions. And, she always follows up--she recently called me on a Friday evening past 9 p.m. to tell me that she had followed up with another doctor, as we had discussed. The care that Dr. Moalemi provides is unbelievable and she always makes time for you. When she is with me, I have her full attention. I can never say thank you enough--she is the best!

Katie I.

Dr. Moalemi provided exceptional care for my dad from the time of diagnosis throughout the process to following-up post-surgery. Dr. Moalemi was thorough, attentive and comforting. Her knowledge and experience coupled with her sensitivity to the stress of the situation made for the best possible experience. I highly recommend Dr. Moalemi and the professionalism that she and her entire office showed. My family is very fortunate to have found Dr. Moalemi and her practice.

Cathy V, Springfield VA

I am a patient of Dr. Tebyanian. I think she is a very good doctor. The staff is very thorough with checking my medical history and noting any changes. There is never a long wait for an appointment or to see her when I arrive. Dr. Tebyanian always allows enough time to examine me and discuss medication changes and test results and more importantly she listens when I ask questions. She's been keeping me healthy and I'm thankful for it.

Steve Amacker

Dr. Moalemi is my cardiologist and she is Outstanding!!! Extremely thorough and explains findings unbelievably. She treats everyone like they are her only patient. Listens carefully and answers all questions. Strongly recommend this outstanding doctor to anyone that wants the Best!!!

Bereket Habtemariam

I have seen Dr. Azita Noalemi twice and have been extremely happy with her and impressed by her professionalism. She gave me all the time I needed to ask her questions and share my concerns with her. She truly is a good listener! She also did not make me wait for 45 minutes in her office like other doctors do; I was able to see her within 10-15 minutes during my first appointment, and right away during the second one because she let me in herself. I highly recommend her to anyone.


Dr.Moalemi and staff were great and professional. 2nd time here for a echocariogram. In and out quickly. Thanks to all

Andre Ashford

I have been a patient of Dr. Azita Moalemi since 1999! From the first time I met her, I knew I was placed in God's merciful hands. Dr. Moalemi and Dr. Tebyanian are Doctors of ultimate care! I would recommend their practice, proficiency, and care to anyone who needs a "Real Doctor"!

Virgil Farley

Dr. Moalemi I believe saved my life.
Failed stress test and did not know I had any heart problems. Before and after my quadruple by-pass she took the best care anyone could have done. Excellent practice all-around!

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