Nutrients to consider while taking statins.


Statin therapy is life-saving and crucial for those with high cholesterol. The use of statins has been studied for decades and patients live a long and healthy life on statins. They are important to take if recommended to you by a physician as it decreases the chance of heart attacks, strokes, or blockages in the heart. 

When taking statins, it is important to understand which micronutrients can be affected from long-term use of this medication.  

Micronutrient deficiencies with statin therapy may include Coenzyme Q10 and  Vitamin D (1). It is important to note that not every person develops micronutrient deficiencies with medications, but it should be acknowledged that it can happen.  

Let’s break down each micronutrient and how statin therapy can affect the micronutrient:  

  • CoQ10: This enzyme plays a role in energy metabolism and can be inhibited by statins. There have been some studies showing elderly patients have lower serums of CoQ10 when taking statins (1). There may be a correlation with depleted COQ10 and muscle pains but the data is unclear and undetermined at this time (1).  
  • Vitamin D: This is a controversial topic. Some studies seem to reveal patients having increased levels of vitamin D while others have decreased levels, depending on the patient’s condition and past medical history (1). Consider getting a vitamin D test to determine your level while taking a statin. 
  • Solution for CoQ10 Deficiency: Supplementing your diet with CoQ10 can effectively increase your blood levels of this enzyme (1)!  CoQ10 does not become toxic and thus you don’t have to worry too much about overdosing on this supplement. 
  • Solution for Vitamin D: If you get tested and have lower levels, you can supplement your diet with Vitamin D! There is an optimal level of vitamin D, so it is important to not overdose and talk to your primary care about  this supplement. 

Overall, statins are extremely safe and usually do not cause any symptoms in patients! Consider checking labs if you are concerned about micronutrient deficiencies with statins or experience any symptoms.



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