Woman Cardiologist

We are fully trained in the field of Cardiovascular Disease and are Board Certified in Cardiology and Nuclear Cardiology.

women cardiologist

Women in the field of cardiology continue to face similar personal and institutional roadblocks just like in other areas of science and medicine. Although the number of female cardiologists has doubled in the past decade, they still account for less than 20% of all cardiologists in the country.

We all have preconceived notions about how men and women behave, and these stereotypes tend to place women at a disadvantage in the workplace. Bias in gender should not affect a patient’s outlook in choosing his or her cardiologist. Choosing a cardiologist should take into consideration factors that are more valuable, such as education and credentials, experience in the field, and the ability to actively communicate with patients.

Part of the job of a cardiologist is to provide follow up care. While it may still seem uncommon to find a woman cardiologist, a female cardiologist will provide you with the same level of care and service as a male cardiologist. It is most important that you feel comfortable talking to your doctor and that she or he is very reliable and someone you can trust.

At Amelia Heart and Vascular Center, our women cardiologists are committed to all of their patients. They devote serious time, effort, and energy to ensuring their patients receive exceptional, first class service!