Remote Arrhythmia Monitoring

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remote arrhythmia monitoring

Remote Arrhythmia Monitoring  

At Amelia Heart and Vascular Center, we provide a plethora of heart monitors to record your heart rhythm live. Heart monitors are used for patients experiencing palpitations, low heart rates, a history of syncope, lightheadedness, or dizziness. We provide remote arrhythmia monitoring through two options: mobile live cardiac telemetry and an implantable loop.

What is mobile live cardiac telemetry?  

Mobile live cardiac telemetry is a device that monitors your heart rhythm live. It records your EKG the entire time you wear the monitor, and will pick up any abnormalities in your rhythm. The devices are noninvasive and monitor your heart through electrodes placed onto your skin. We are capable of monitoring your heart rhythm up to 30 days with these devices, and can also have them on for as little as 24 hours. You are able to exercise and carry out your daily routine and activities with these devices. We are capable of seeing if your symptoms correlate with a heart arrhythmia.

What is an impantable loop recorder? 

An implantable loop recorder is a small device implanted underneath the skin to record EKG for up to 2-3 years. These devices are used on patients who have unknown causes of strokes, fainting, or a known abnormal heartbeat. The monitor data is monitored and analyzed by Amelia Heart Vascular Center cardiologists, who will notify patients of any irregularities seen.