Technetium Pyrophosphate Study

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Technetium Pyrophosphate Study

Technetium Pyrophostphate Study (PYP) is a specialized nuclear study to look for a cardiac condition called amyloidosis. The study is used to differentiate what kind of amyloidosis a patient has and the severity of the disease. There are two types of amyloidosis and the treatment is different for each type. Thus, it is important to receive the scan in order to determine which treatment is best for the patient. The study involves injection of a radioactive isotope in the patient’s arm and imaging of the heart. The studies takes one hour and uses a specialized scan called a heart scan.

How does it work?

A small dose of Tc99m-PYP is put into the arm through an IV. The specialized camera is then  able to pick up the radioactive tracer within your body and create three-dimensional images of your heart. The radioactive tracer will exit your body over time and pass through urine and stool.

During the scan

You must lay still for 30-45 minutes during the scan. it is important to let your provider know if you are claustrophobic since the camera will be close to you. It is also important to tell your provider if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.