Vaccines: CanSino (A Branch of Sinovac) in Beijing

CanSino (A Branch of Sinovac) in Beijing

Type of Vaccine?                                            Traditional approach of the inactivated Virus

Advantages?                                                    This group of scientists have a track record with SARS-1. In 2002 they successfully created a vaccine and studied it in mouse model. They were successful in making the animals create neutralizing antibodies but they never got to the humans because the disease was controlled and disappeared

What did they find with original SARS?    The vaccine was successful in creating neutralizing antibodies in the animals and prevented them from getting sick with the virus

What was the problem with SARS-1 vaccine? They noted a disease in the lungs of the mice called eosinophilic pulmonary disease which was disseminated and concerning.

How is the trial going so far?                         They tested the COVID-19 vaccine in monkeys and did not see any adverse effects including no evidence of eosinophilic pneumonia.

Next step?                                                           Safety trials in humans



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