Venous Insufficiency

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Venous insufficiency is a when the blood from the veins in the legs do not flow how they are supposed to. The veins take blood upwards from the legs to the heart, however, with venous insufficiency, the blood may leak backwards.


Venous insufficiency is caused by deep vein thrombosis and high blood pressure inside the leg veins. The patient is more likely to have venous insufficiency if they

  • are older
  • are female
  • are overweight
  • don’t get enough physical activity
  • smoke


Symptoms of venous insufficiency mainly affect the legs. Symptoms include

  • swelling at the ankles
  • itching
  • cramping
  • aching or a feeling of heaviness
  • changes in skin color

Imaging and Diagnostics:

There are many ways for the doctor to diagnose venous insufficiency. Below are tests that the doctor may ask the patient to make a proper diagnosis

  • Ultrasound doppler


The goal of venous insufficiency is to stop swelling and prevent leg ulcers. The doctor may suggest the following treatment methods

  • Compression stockings
  • Medication

Lifestyle Changes:

In addition to the treatment, the doctor may also suggest lifestyle changes for the patient to make. This changes may include

  • Exercise
  • Frequent stretching