Why you should get the COVID-19 booster.  

Herd Immunity

Within the past week, COVID-19 infections are at a record high due to the spread of Omicron and Delta strains. Since only a quarter of the U.S. population has received the COVID-19 booster, here is why you should get the booster.  

Regardless if you were previously infected with COVID-19 and/or received both doses of the vaccine, you should still get the booster given recent data published by the CDC. One example exhibiting the need for a booster is a family in Nebraska who contracted COVID-19. This family still contracted Omicron despite having previous COVID-19 infections or being vaccinated (1). 

Current data reveals stark differences in COVID-19 infection outcomes when comparing those who received the booster to those who didn’t. Research in Israel demonstrated that those who received a third COVID-19 vaccine had a 70-84% reduction in COVID-19 infection rates (2). Another study in Israel revealed that the third dose was 92% more effective in preventing severe illnesses compared to individuals that had two vaccination doses five months prior (2). They also witnessed a 90% decrease in mortality in patients who had the booster (2). The New England Journal of Medicine also confirmed these findings when analyzing the Israel Health database of over 4 million individuals; those with the booster shot were much less likely to contract COVID-19 and had lower rates of severe illness and death (3). 

Overall, the data exhibits the great importance of obtaining the COVID-19 booster regardless if you’ve had previous doses of the vaccine and/or were infected. It is saving lives, reducing symptoms, and preventing severe illness. Please consider getting one if you have not already to protect yourself, your family, and the general public.  



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